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Upper and lower back pain when sleeping is a real drag—literally. It can sap your energy and leave you dreading another restless night. And your spine needs rest.

But getting the rest needed to get rid of lower back pain while sleeping can be quite the challenge. Some wake up with worse back pain in the morning than when they hit the sheets.

Many get caught up in a cycle where they desperately need a good night’s sleep for their back to recover (not to mention for their general health), but are unable to do so because back pain is keeping them up at night.

Here are five steps that can help you straighten your back while sleeping and get rid of that lower back pain.

By equipment, we’re talking the right mattress and pillow for you and your sleeping style and possibly a back brace for extra support while sleeping.

Your mattress should support the natural curves of your body while keeping you comfortable.

Up until recently, it was thought that those dealing with lower back pain in the morning should switch to a firmer mattress. But experts have moved away from that one-solution-fits-all thought process.

“A soft mattress can be good if your hips are wider than your waist because it will let your spine stay straight while you sleep. If your hips and waist already line up straight, a harder mattress might feel better because it will give you more support,” according to WebMD.

Ultimately, you will need to spend some time trying out different mattresses to get the right fit. Many companies even allow you try out their product for a few weeks or even months and return it if the product is not right for you.

If you think a firmer mattress may help, you can try one out by sliding a sheet of plywood between your mattress and boxspring or moving your bed to the floor for a few nights.

Some other key considerations include the age of your mattress (these should be replaced every nine to 10 years), temperature management and whether it’s big enough for you to get into a comfortable sleeping position.

Much like a mattress, a pillow should support the natural curve of your neck and keep it aligned with the chest and lower back while allowing you to get comfortable.

Here at Boss’ Pizza and Chicken we know that our menu speaks for itself. Whether you come in for lunch with the family, or you order takeout while we’re open late, all five of our locations are proud to servea full menu of delicious handmade dishes for you to enjoy.

We also want you to know that all of our dishes are made with the best available ingredients so your food is served fresh and hot from our kitchen.

If you’re running behind and need a last-minute nike air max 1 leather white/uni red
, make sure you check out our full menu of specialty pizzas, including our one-of-a-kind Super Boss Pizza or the Bacon Mac and Cheese! We also have daily pizza deals running throughout the week so you can save a little dough on your favorite pizzas, breadsticks and more. Don’t forget to check out our online specials while you’re at it.

Is pizza not enough? Boss’ also has a huge selection of appetizers , pastas , nike roshe run ladies trainers adidas
and salads . The Appetizer Sampler comes with six amazing appetizers all on one plate, including our mini tacos, toasted raviolis and cheese curds.

For those who are watching their carbs, our loaded Taco Salad is a great choice! You can also add one of our signature chicken recipes to your salad so you can enjoy BBQ chicken atop a bed of fresh greens.

If you’re in the mood for something a little heavier, the Bossta is our signature pasta dish; you can choose any two meats plus two veggies in a sauce of your choice. Make it spicy or make it sweet, this pasta dish is no joke.

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken also has a full kid’s menu for the little ones so they can get a personal pizza of their choosing or some of our crunchy chicken tenders.

Don’t forget to add desserts and drinks to your order to round out the meal! Brownie bites or our unique Funnel Fries drizzled in chocolate make a great addition to any family dinner.

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