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Recognized as the “2013 Law Firm of the Year” for Family Law by U.S. News World Report-Best Lawyers (Woodward/White, Inc.)

Family and personal matters require the same keen attention as business matters. When life throws you big curve balls—both the good and the bad—they can become all-consuming. These can be emotionally charged times, particularly when children are involved. Such circumstances require counsel that listens, is compassionate, and aligns with the distinct heartbeat of your case so that you can move forward with your life.

Whether you’re an individual or a couple, Blank Rome’s highly regarded matrimonial and family law attorneys can help in all legal aspects of marriage, including negotiating and drafting prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements, negotiating and, if need be, litigating the issues of spousal and child support, equitable distribution, custody access agreements and divorce proceedings. In each case, our goal is to achieve the best, most expeditious result for you through negotiations and, when necessary, in court. We’re equally able to guide you through the mediation process.

Because our matrimonial and family law group is among the largest in the nation, we can handle your issues on either coast. We’re known for negotiating complex, challenging financial and custody cases avoiding the “scorched-earth approach,” while maintaining decorum in what may sometimes become “uncivil proceedings.” Our client roster includes many high-profile individuals and their spouses from the worlds of business, technology, the media, and entertainment, which is why the hallmarks of our practice are confidentiality and the deep experience we bring to each client’s case.

We regularly work with investigators, business appraisers and forensic accountants on complex valuation issues to ensure you receive proper distribution of property through the dissolution process.

You’ll also benefit from access to ourcolleagues in tax, corporate, real estate, trusts and estates, and other fiduciary areas to help evaluate and advise on your financial settlement.

Linda Kornfeld , Stacy D. Phillips

Marilyn B. Chinitz

Norman S. Heller

Michelle Piscopo

Your Home for Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk

Help Yourself With Affirmation Pod - The World's #1 Affirmations Podcast!

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★★★★★ "I found Josie's podcast about a month ago sort of by accident after YEARS of struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, worry and negative self-talk. Listening to her short, positive affirmations and guided meditations have helped me realize that I am in control of my thoughts and feelings. I start my day with her affirmation episodes (which I choose based on how I am feeling each day). She has so many different ones that I can pick and choose from my favorites depending on what I feel I need to hear. Most days I also listen to her before I go to bed. Her soothing voice and wonderful messages have really helped me turn things around. Could not reccomend her podcast enough and look forward to her new episodes. I've shared it with family, friends and coworkers. THANK YOU JOSIE!" by Nemonds on Apple Podcasts


★★★★★ "I've been working toward a self 2.0 transformation for over 3 years now following a major trauma in my life brought on by bad decisions and poor habits. The thing I needed the most was to shift my personal confidence and self care. While traveling and at my lowest moment I found this podcast. I'm so thankful that I did because it brought that last bit of self empowerment that I needed to finally break through and help make the changes stick this time!" by AntoinetteMarieJ on Apple Podcasts


★★★★★ "I came across Affirmation Pod when I was looking for podcasts for anxiety/depression. I found Affirmation Pod to be a a warm and comforting experience, short and sweet nuggets of wisdom to help you care for yourself better. If you just want to spend a few minutes to calm down and figure things out, this is the podcast for you." by bladesman393 on Apple Podcasts


★★★★★ "This podcast awakened me to think about my core beliefs. It was very hard to identify them. I started to wonder, do I even have core beliefs? Or are they so awful that I have suppressed them? Now I am inspired to go deep inside myself to look for them, analyse them and adjust them to what is most beneficial for me. I also listened to a few other of Josie's podcasts and they really make me think and dig deep. Because you asked for help, to have more reviews, and because your affirmations podacasts have helped and guided me to look inside, I felt motivated to make the effort to figure out how to give you a great review. Thank you Josie." by falcontess on Apple Podcasts

National Geographic


More than 50 years ago, two men climbed into a massive, blimp-like submersible, descended about 35,800 feet (10,912 meters) to the deepest point in the ocean, and became the first people to observe the dark underworld of one of Earth’s most extreme environments. No one had been back since, until March 26, 2012, when nike free 40 flyknit blue grey/sail/voltage green/black
, a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, made a record-breaking solo dive to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench in a custom-built submersible that he co-designed.

Photograph by Charlie Arneson DEEPSEA CHALLENGER preparing for a dive

Although best known for directing films such as Titanic and Avatar , Cameron is an avid explorer with 72 submersible dives to his credit—51 of which were in Russian Mir submersibles to depths of up to 16,000 feet (4,877 meters), including 33 to Titanic .

For this expedition, Cameron squeezed into a pilot sphere so small he could not extend his arms. He was the sole occupant in a complex, 24-foot-long (7.3-meter-long) craft made primarily of highly specialized glass foam. As he maneuvered on the ocean floor amid unexplored terrain and strange new animals, Cameron filmed footage for a feature-length documentary and collected samples for historic research. Why? To promote exploration and scientific discovery.

The dive was part of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition, a partnership with National Geographic that took Cameron, along with fellow pilot Ron Allum and a team of engineers, scientists, educators, and journalists, to the greatest depths of the ocean—places where sunlight doesn’t penetrate and pressure can be a thousand times what we experience on land. After years of preparation, the team went to the Mariana Trench, a 1,500-mile-long (2,400-kilometer-long) scar at the bottom of the western Pacific Ocean. There, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from Guam, Cameron continued the work that Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard , the first men to dive the trench in the nike roshe flyknit white mens jeans
, started in. While the Trieste was not equipped to take pictures or get samples, Cameron and his DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submersible were armed with multiple cameras and a mechanical arm for scooping up rocks and animals. These samples could enable groundbreaking discoveries: Studying the forces that shape these trenches could help us to better understand the earthquakes that cause devastating tsunamis; studying the fauna that survives there could lead to breakthroughs in biotechnology and our understanding of how life began.

A biceps tear – also called a biceps rupture – is a tear or break in the tendon that connects your biceps muscle in the upper arm to your shoulder or elbow.

Tendons are strong cords of tissue that connect muscles and bones. Over time, the much-used connections in the shoulder and elbow can begin to wear and eventually break.

Biceps ruptures are a common injury that we repair successfully with surgery. If you have a less serious biceps tear, you may only need nonsurgical treatments like ice, physical therapy or medication.

When your shoulder, arm or elbow hurts, you want to relieve the pain and get back to your usual activities as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in treating and repairing biceps injury, whether the cause is sports, an accident or regular wear and tear.

We offer:

Injury evaluation when you need it: Convenient locations: Coordinated care:

A biceps tear or biceps rupture can happen suddenly or gradually. Biceps tears are most common among people between the ages of 40 and 60.

A biceps rupture is a complete tear of the tendon. In a biceps rupture, the biceps tendon breaks off from where it attaches the muscle to the top of the shoulder. A biceps rupture can happen because of an accident, like a sudden fall, or an activity, like lifting a weight.

A person who has another condition like a rotator cuff injury or shoulder impingement (when arm motion squeezes the shoulder tissue) is more likely to experience a biceps rupture.

Sometimes, another condition like a rotator cuff injury or tendonitis causes shoulder pain.Learn more about air jordan 11 space jams icy sole jordans

With a biceps rupture, most people report feeling or hearing a “pop” at the shoulder or elbow when the tendon breaks.

People also notice:

During a physical exam, your doctor will check for pain, bruising and changes to your strength and range of motion.

If we suspect a biceps rupture, you may have additional tests including:

X-ray: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

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Your treatment for a biceps tear will depend on the type of injury and your lifestyle. Nonsurgical treatments work best for smaller tears or people who won’t be bothered by having less arm strength. In other cases, surgery might be the right path.

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